Rosie Waterman Tournament

An invitation to all members who are over 50 to take part and compete for the Rosie Waterman Trophy.

This event has not taken place for the last couple of years due to COVID so it will be good to re-instate it.

This event is scheduled to take place on Sunday the 13th of August starting between 1000hrs and 1400hrs.

It will take the format of a round robin tournament where you play for a set period of time, with the aim to win as many games as possible. You will be paired with different partners and play different opponents during the event and the winner will be the woman and man who win the most games with the trophy being shared for the 12 months.

With this format you don’t need to enter with a partner so hopefully it will open it up to those that don’t play with a usual partner.

To enter please e-mail Ian at [email protected] with your details – name and mobile number by Sunday the 6th of August.